What’s your plan?

You’re already creating amazing things, but how are you sharing it with the world? Getting your message out to your target audience is the next step in your brand’s journey. From paid opportunities to earned media through public relations, a solid communications strategy must be comprehensive and thoroughly developed. Creating a website that effectively tells the story of your brand in conjunction with a social media strategy and search engine marketing is a great way to deliver your message quickly and efficiently. With the help of traditional press coverage and digitally-inspired partnerships, I can facilitate relationships that can take your brand’s message directly to the consumers who need to hear it.

Let’s get started:

  • Brand launches
  • Strategic message development
  • Proactive media outreach
  • Digital marketing
  • Website creation and Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media strategy
  • Influencer partnerships
  • Event publicity
  • Red carpet assistance
  • Speaking engagements, events and awards opportunities

Is your brand looking to make a difference?

How a brand gives back is at the core of what makes a brand memorable. Social impact initiatives allow brands to take their mission even further by connecting with consumers in a meaningful way, on the levels that matter most to them. From event sponsorship to fostering long-term relationships with non-profit organizations, I can assist in developing a social impact strategy that aligns brands with causes that not only your target audience cares about, but that your employees can stand behind.

  • Event sponsorship
  • Cause marketing
  • Product donation
  • Board placement
  • Volunteerism